How Rebus Ink Makes Change

At Ink we believe that:

  • The research process is cumbersome, demanding, and complex. The increasing access to information and content afforded by digital technology can overwhelm researchers further.
  • Researcher-centric tools and strategies can streamline the research process by facilitating organization, synthesis, and analysis. When tools are designed with open principles, their use will also lead to increased sharing and improved accessibility.   
  • Academia is undergoing a process of transformation, toward a goal of greater equity and inclusivity and in a time of rapid growth in information. Research processes need to be updated to align to this changing world. 
  • As researchers increasingly make sense of readings in a digitized format, solutions spanning both digital and analogue are needed. 

To respond to these challenges, we are developing our open, easy to learn, yet powerful platform for researchers, leveraging our in-house expertise and prioritising the needs of non-traditional researchers who are often pushed to the margins of academia.

If we get this right, we expect to see:

  • Uptake of the platform by a wide range of users, with demonstrated diversity along demographic lines and the kinds of research represented
  • Uptake of the platform by institutional partners providing access to their users
  • An increase in users’ understanding and valuing of open principles
  • Users engaging more deeply with digital sources

Each of these measures of success will be tracked through user surveys and anonymised & aggregated data.

We believe that, as we work toward these outcomes, we will contribute to a greater impact across the entire research ecosystem, resulting in:

  • An increase in open content publishing
  • Greater influence of research beyond academia and a dismantling of the ivory tower
  • Stronger open research infrastructure
  • More transparent and accessible research processes leading to better, more equitable generation of knowledge

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