the platform

Rebus Ink is a personal, online workspace that helps you do more with your digital texts. A web-based application, it makes scholarly reading and research, note-taking, citations, and collections management intuitive and integrated.

Users log in through their university library or a web browser. In both cases, Ink delivers an encrypted, data-protected interface.

From there, you can upload or link to books, articles, documents, and other reading material.

You can then arrange your texts into collections, grouping them by subject, discipline, or any other category.

Ink supports multiple file formats and media, including cover images and document metadata.

Sorting and filtering, as well as full text search, helps you find and use the content you need.

Once in the reading interface, you can make notes, highlight and copy passages, insert media, and create citations.

Test out the platform now, and tell us what you think!

(Note that this release is continually in development, meaning that any files, notes, or other content that you upload to the platform may be deleted at any time and without warning…)

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