the platform

Rebus Ink is a personal, online workspace that lets you do more with your digital texts. A web-based application, it makes scholarly reading and research, note-taking, citations, and collections management intuitive and integrated.

Test out the platform now, and tell us what you think!

login to Rebus Ink using Google or a library login

Log in with Google or by creating an account. (Eventually, you’ll also be able to log in through your university library.)

From there, you can upload PDFs and EPUBs, either individually or in batches.

Cover images and document metadata are imported along with the document text.

upload files in batches or individually
create collections and add your digital texts to them

You can then create collections based on subject, discipline, or any other category.

Your texts can be added to one or more collections, which can be sorted alphabetically or by date added.

With upcoming releases, Ink will support additional file formats and media, as well as perform OCR on scanned PDFs.

Rebus Ink's library view

Once in the reading interface, you can highlight and copy sections of text, as well as download the original file. With the next releases of Ink, you’ll be able to add notes, insert media, and create citations.

highlight sections of text in the reading view of Rebus Ink

To follow our progress, see the development timeline.

(Note that the platform is continually in development, meaning that your files and notes may be deleted at any time and without warning… If this happens, please come back and re-upload!)

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